CACI Non Surgical Facelift

What is CACI?

A CACI therapist uses hand-held wands to transmit microcurrents through your skin and facial muscles.

CACI isn’t the only non-surgical facelift system that works by electrical impulses, but other systems generally operate at mill amperage current, which is more powerful – you’ll feel your face twitching.

You can’t feel CACI’s subtle microcurrents working, but the makers claim that makes them more effective, not less, because they work at a much deeper level in the skin.

Does CACI Work?

There is clinical evidence that CACI gives results. A study at the University of Washington showed that microcurrents can increase elastin by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%. Elastin and collagen are what keep your face plump and firm, and good blood flow will give you a glow.

The trouble is, those aren’t the results I’m looking for! I already get all that from my Omnilux treatments.

I thought CACI could lift sagging facial muscles – and based on my research, it seems many beauty therapists also think that’s what it’s supposed to do. But there’s no clinical evidence to support that belief.